Easy Youtube download with Youdown

If you ever wanted to offer your web visitors a quick and easy way to download a Youtube video from your WordPress web site then this plugin is for you. Using a simple short you can show a button that when clicked will look for video feeds from Youtube that can be clicked on to download the file.

This plugin will not offer download links to VEVO or to protected premium channels at Youtube. There are lots of sites that allow you to hack around the security of Youtube to download protected videos but this plugin does not offer that opportunity. Most people who use this plugin will not have the server resources to undertake that sort of task and I have not intention of hacking around video protection that people are paying for.

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stop ad block

Stop losing adsense and ad revenue

This plugin has now been updated to 1.1 – read below for latest updates.

One of the things that really surprised me when I did some testing was the high proportion of people who are now using ad block browser add-ons and extensions. These add-ons scan your web site and remove all the ads that it recognises. This is not good if you are a blogger. A few years ago the numbers of users of these add-ons made little difference but today they are widespread. On one of my sites over 62% of visitors where using Ad block software.

This high number of ad blockers explained the reason why I was seeing regular and consistent growth in web visitor numbers but ad revenue was not growing at the same rate – it was barely staying level.

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slug slasher plugin

Slug Slasher Plus 1.0

When you bulk import Amazon products into Woocommerce you can end up with some really long urls which are not good for user experience or SEO. Trying to bulk edit urls and slugs of WordPress Woocommerce products can mean having to work directly with the database. This plugin makes that re-writing of slugs much easer.

Slug Slasher Plus 1.0 is a plugin that you can use to bulk edit Woocommerce slugs. It has a number of settings that you can put in place:

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CategoryTinymce 4.0 plugin

Boost your categories with CategoryTinymce 4.0

One of my most popular WordPress plugins at was CategoryTinymce. Sadly with the latest update to WordPress – to WP 3.9 – the plugin no longer works fully as the tinymce visual editor is no longer called for the bottom description of the category and tag listing pages. The new CategoryTinymce plugin has been totally re-written in order to work with WordPress 3.9 and a little bit of tidying up has been undertaken as well for a better user experience.

CategoryTinymce 4.0 offers the following:

  • WordPress editor for the category and tag description box. This allows you to format your descriptions and add shortcodes etc.
  • Extra description box for adding after the category and tag listings. This also has an editor and allows shortcodes etc.
  • Upload category and tag images.
  • SEO meta tags for title, keywords and description – this can be switched off inb the settings if you use another SEO plugin.

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sale by category shortcode

Shortcode for sales per product category

Now available as a plugin. – scroll to bottom for download.

Woocommerce is a great e-commerce plugin for WordPress but like most things it is not perfect. One of the things that I wanted to do, but which does not come out of the box, is to display items on sale on a product category basis. While Woocommerce has a shortcode to display items on sale it does not offer an opportunity to select products on a category basis. This shortcode function that I have written deals with that problem.

Woocommerce has a shortcode function for displaying products that are currently on sale and while it works ok there is no ability to set a category option. It just takes all the products on sale and displays them according to your shortcode attributes. I needed an option to display sale products restricted by category so I’ve quickly written a new shortcode to be able to do that.

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Affiliate Window Banners 3.0

Not currently working with WordPress 4.0 I will be updating when I get the chance.

The Affiliate Window Banners 3.0 lets you earn money from the Affiliate Window programme. This works exactly the same as the version I offer at but with the extra feature of being able to use shortcodes. The plugin can use either separate keywords or use your post tags to search for products and then display them as an unordered list.

You need to have SOAP installed on the server for this to work, you will also need to have an Affiliate Window account (UK affiliate programme).

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Imgbacklink 2.0 plugin

Imgbacklink 2.0

Let your images bait links with this latest version of Imgbacklink that has been re-written to work with WordPress 3.9. If you have some great images then let people use them at forums or in web sites the easy way. This plugin adds a pop up box when someone right-clicks on an image and provides them with either the html code to use or the BBCode equivalent in forums.

My experience is that people are more likely to share your pictures and images on forums if you offer them an easy way to add the image. Getting your images onto forum threads can bring traffic and add to your inbound links that help to boost your search rankings.

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