WP @ Ypraise

You can find a range of small plugins and code snippets here to help you make more of WordPress. I use all the tools and plugins found here on my own web sites to various degrees.

The plugins here do various things but really concentrate on improving SEO of your WordPress and Woocommerce websites. They also help to improve marketing of your web site and user interaction.

The most popular download for WordPress SEO here is the Category Tinymce 4.0 plugin which has now been upgraded to version 5.0. This plugin helps you add rich media to your category pages at both the top and bottom of the listings, this is good for search engine optimisation. The plugin is integrated for both standard WordPress categories and tags and also Woocommerce categories and tags.

Another popular download is the Stop Adblock plugin. As more people use adblock software in their browsers so your ability to earn money from your work also diminishes. If you are not careful you could easily have more than 50% of your visitors accessing your site without seeing ads. This plugin takes people using Adblocker software to a page so you can ask them to turn it off or pause it while they are on your website.

There are a number of WordPress plugins that you can get access to by joining our WordPress marketing and SEO web site for just £25.00 per year.

If you want to improve SEO in your Woocommerce store or WordPress web site than take a browse and read about some of the plugins I offer.