SEO plugins for WordPress and Woocommerce

We develop plugins that help with the marketing of your WordPress or Woocommerce web sites. As active web store and ecommerce operators we actively look for ways to increase the marketing and facilities of our stores to boost sales and profits.

Inevitably this means ways in which to increase visibility of our web sites in the search engines and ways to encourage people to purchase once they are on our stores.

The plugins and scripts we have here are tried and tested in the real world to produce results when used correctly.

All our plugins to boost seo for WordPress and Woocommerce are available to purchase for a once only payments of £35.00.

This gives you 1 year access of the plugins and scripts that we develop and basic support should you have a problem with installing the plugin. During the year memebership you will get access to any update of the plugins and access to any new lugins that we develop.



Web site marketing and development in South Wales

With over 20 years experience of building web sites and an active contributor to the WordPress plugin repository we can help you with much more than web design and marketing. We can offer you a range of strategic level advice and operations with fees starting from as low as £300.00 per day.

We can help you develop fully responsive web sites for your store or organisations from aas little as £1000 depending on how much work is required. We also offer in-house training on the use of WordPress and online marketing including social media marketing, pay per click - through both Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising from £300.00 per day.

Our highly responsive website designs help to ensure that you web site looks the best that it possibly can on the full range of devices that are now usaed to access the web. From small screen smartphones to large SmartTV screen you need to be confident that your web site will be effective and look professional at all times.

But responsive design is not just about looking good - Google tweeted that how responsive a web site is has become a much more important factor in how ytour web site returns in the searh results,

Our plugins for WordPress and Woocommerce featured here are all designed to be responsive and  work well across all device designs. This helps you to boost sales in your ecommerce store.

WordPress and Woocommerce plugins available

The following plugins are currently avaialble for download and works with the current version of WordPress. We test each of the plugins at each WordPress update (3 times a year) and make any updates that are required to keep the functionality. When you purchase membership of you can download any or all of these plugins, any new plugins we develop and any updates we release throughout the year of membership.



Code snippets to help with Woocommerce and WordPress SEO

We offer a number of code snippets that are easy to use and can help with improving your SEO and placement in the search engines. The current code snippets we have are: